Sena Bluetooth India (Moto Sports Accessories) is the authorized distributor of Sena Technologies Inc, USA. We offer customers the best Bluetooth Headset & Intercom, Bluetooth Action Camera and Smart Helmets for Motorcycle riders, Mountain hikers, climbers, cyclists, Police and others. Our product line is

Momentum Evo – Momentum Evo Full Face Helmet with Mesh Intercom
Mometum and Momentum Lite – Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle helmets
30K – 30K Motorcycle Bluetooth communication system with Mesh Intercom

10C Evo – Seamless Integration of Bluetooth Communication and 4K Camera  

10C Pro – Premium Bluetooth Communication System and Quad HD Quality Camera
20S Evo – Sena 20S, Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

10S – Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

SF4 – Sena SF4 Bluetooth Small Group Communication System

SF2 – Sena SF2 Bluetooth Rider to Passenger Communication System.
SMH10 – SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset & Intercom System
SMH5 – SMH5 Bluetooth Headset & Intercom for Scooters and Motorcycles

SR10 – SR10 Bluetooth Two-way Radio Adapter
Sena 3S – Sena 3S Bluetooth Headset & Intercom for Scooters and Motorcycles.
SPH10 – SPH10 Bluetooth Stereo Headset & Intercom

Expand – Sena Expand Long range Bluetooth Intercom and Stereo Headset
Prism – Sena Prism, Bluetooth Action Camera Motorcycle Pack

Prism Tube WiFi- Action Camera for Helmet

which can fit on every kind of helmets (Open face, Full face, Modular helmets) including SR10 for radio transmission which popular for riders who love to travel in group and SPH10, EXPAND can use them without helmet. We can assure the customers with 2 Years Warranty on all Sena products.


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